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Mr. Tang Xuanhu visited Badminton Macau Junior Training Course 2015

Organized by the Badminton Federation of Macau and Office of Sports Affairs of University of Macau, Badminton Macau Junior Training Course 2015 was held on July 25 and 21 trainees were involved in the training course. Nine days training at the badminton hall of Sports Complex.

On July 30 afternoons, Macau Badminton Association had specially invited Chinese national badminton team lifelong consultant, Mr. Tang Xuanhu, to inspect the status of the training camp and provide guidance to the coaches and players. After training section, Mr. Tang had also interacted with the players and provided a speech to encourage and introducing the “Tang’s style” badminton training knowledge. Beside speech from Mr. Tang, training coach had selected four students who gave a lot of effort on practice to receive a badminton signed by Mr. Tang as a reward. In addition, the rest of the participants also received a signature on their training diary as a memory. 

At last, Miss Carvalho, the chairwoman of BFM had taken group photo with Mr. Tang, all coaches and players, putting a successful end for this event.