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2013 Kumpoo®Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold Press Conference






Officially sanctioned by Badminton World Federation (BWF), organized by Badminton Federation of Macau, officially sponsored by Macau Sport Development Board, title sponsored by Kumpoo®, the “2013 Kumpoo® Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold” will commence on 26th November through 1st December 2013 at the Macao Forum.

The 8th year hosting the “2013 Kumpoo® Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold”, one of the BWF Level 3 World Grand Prix Gold tournaments, the 12th and the last Grand Prix tournament with the total prize money of MOP$1,000,000 of this year.  Since these 8 years, annually hosting smoothly and successfully, it is always depending on the full support of Macao SAR Government, Macau Sport Development Board, sponsors, media, as well as the community and badminton clubs of their publicity and coordination. It provides more opportunity for the Macau spectators to know more about badminton and enjoy the international top level competition, to promote the development of badminton in Macau and enhance the friendship relationship among each participating countries and regions.

Until now, the organizing and promotion work has been preparing for more than half year since May 2013 among the areas of China, Hong Kong China, internet etc.

A total entry of 19 countries/nations including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and others, with total of 272 players and more than 100 officials was received after the due date of submission on 29th October 2013. The players will participate in the five individual events, which are namely, Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Mixed doubles.  Partly of the players has participated in the 6th East Asian Games, 2013 Adidas China Masters, 2013 Yonex Denmark Open, 2013 Yonex France Open and BWF World Championships 2013. The Draws shall be done in Malaysia by BWF on 12th November 2013. The Referee and Deputy Referee will be officiated by BWF Referees from Hong Kong and Republic of Mauritius. The Macau team will be consisting of 6 males and 4 females’ players that will participate in all five individual events.

In the past 7 years, Badminton Federation of Macau has been working tirelessly in organizing international badminton tournament in order to presents the most exciting international level of badminton for all friends of the press and Macau residents. We will hope that through this press conference, allowing friends from the media and the public an early understanding of the Macau event details to be widely published.  With the strong support from public, the tournament will be able to organize successfully.

Tickets for the first 4 days (26th to 29th November – preliminary rounds) of the “2013 Kumpoo® Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold” are sold at MOP$150 (free seating) daily, whereas the tickets for the last 2 days (30th November to 1st December – Semi-Finals and Finals) are MOP$300 (free seating) and MOP$400 (numbered seating) daily.

The tickets are available for sale at all the retails of Kong Seng and Macau Ticket.  Macau residents are entitled to receive 50% discount, whereas non-Macau resident only enjoy 20% discount off by 12th November.  The tickets can be purchased either via Internet on, or telephone call at (853) 2855 5555.  All local residents and foreign visitors are welcomed to participate, and give support to the countries participating in the tournaments.

More information on the “2013 Kumpoo® Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold” tournament is available from the Badminton Federation of Macau, online via their website at or by phone at +853 6698 9877.